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Toni started his racing career in karting in 2013 and now it's time to move on to bigger cars. Already in the season 2018, Toni drove two rally sprint events, finishing fourth in his category in both races.


Although 17-year-old Toni has not yet had much experience with rally cars, he has shown to be able to drive in top of his category in a variety of conditions.

- "Toni's strengths are steadiness and calmness," says Tero Puustinen, fitness and mental trainer at Flying Finn Academy.

Toni was scheduled to drive a full season in the Rally Finland Junior Championship in 2019, but a bad wrist injury in winter ruined his participation in the first two races of the winter season. However, positions 2, 5 and 3 in the final period gave Toni the fourth place in the series.

Flying Finn Academy is a youth sports team in motorsport that is part of AKK's youth sports activities, with the aim of supporting talented drivers through comprehensive coaching towards the profession of motorsport -


Name: Toni Herranen

Born: 18.11.2003

Living: Jääli, Finland

Team: KR-Team Ry


Flying Finn Academy:

2019 karting coaching

2020 rally coaching

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